How to Resolve HP 2515 Printer Error C From Your Printer?

If you have encountered the error C on your HP printer, you will see the error message displaying on the system. The error message will notify you with “Ink Cartridge Carriage Installed” on your computer. Usually, the HP printer displays most of its common error codes on the control panel, and sometimes you get the error code on your computer as you enter the printing command from your system. However, in the case of this error code, the control panel will blink the attention light, as usual. Also, the ink level indicators will blink as usual, and the segment display will show ‘C.’ In which you will get to know that the HP 2515 printer is struggling with the error code C by the segment display.

Getting to know or gather the information on the error code provides the leverage on working with the basic knowledge. You will be able to operate on the problems found in your printer if you have gathered what can cause the error code or what is creating the issue. In the above lines, you have gathered the information on how your printer will display the error code and what blinking in the printer symbolizes. Now let’s talk about the causes behind this error code and what makes it occur in the printer before we reach the solutions. Focus on the below lines, and half of the problem will be resolved just by knowing how this error code is problematic, which are as follows:

What does HP 2515 Printer Error C symbolize in the printer?

When we talk about an error code, several issues are causing the printing jobs to be difficult to achieve. But you should not worry much, as every problem comes with a solution. And this error code is hiding behind the issue of printer carriage. In this case, your printer carriage is stuck and is unable to move around freely. Due to the blockage in the movement, the printer sends an error code to your computer, which is pretty irritating while completing the printing jobs. And to resolve the error code, we have gathered the solutions in the easiest way possible. Follow the instructions given below, which are as follows:

Solutions to your query of the HP 2515 Printer Error C

Now that we have discussed how and what are the reasons that are causing hassle in your printer, we should focus on the solutions. To start the movement in your printer successfully, let’s see the possible ways to fix that. Follow the steps given below, and resolve the error problem within minutes such as:

Method 1: Restart your Printer

In this method, you should attempt steps that are simple as well as effective. Now start with turning off your printer, and give it a rest for at least 60 seconds. Do not switch on any second before the suggested time. Most of the time, restarting the printer works effectively. Once you have restarted the printer, you should try to print a page for the testing process. Check if the error has gone after restarting the printer. In order to print the test page, you need to press and then hold the start copy black button along with the start copy color button at the same time. Hold the buttons until your printer starts making the noise. This will print the test page. If not, then proceed to the next method.

Method 2: Clear Paper Jam

In this method, you need to clear the remaining papers from the cartridge’s base, front, tray, and inside of the printer. To do this, you need to unplug the printer completely. Now check inside if there are any torn pieces of paper, paper clips, hair, dust particles, or any protective materials stuck inside the printer. And remove everything that will block the process of printing in the printer.

Method 3: Free the Cartridge Carriage

When you have confirmed that there is nothing stuck inside the printer, and no particles remaining to block the printing function, you can plug the printer back into the wall socket. Now you need to open the cartridge door and wait till the noise in the cartridge is settled. And remove the power cord with the printer still on in the process from the power source. At this point, you will need to find out where the problem is inside the cartridges. Now apply a little bit of pressure to release it from being stuck on each side. Move the cartridge manually to make sure it is not stuck, and then put everything back. Start the printer and test by printing a document. 

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